Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The 18 commandments of staying decluttered

I tried to make up a list of 10 commandments of staying de-cluttered, but there was too much to say. So, I give you The 18 Commandments of Staying De-cluttered!

1) Thou shalt find excuses to give away thy stuff.

2) Thou shalt carefully consider the poor, consider how thy unneeded stuff may enrich their lives.

3) Thou shalt limit thy supply of all that is not edible.

4) Thou shalt rein in thy sentiment before it reigns over thee.

5) Thou shalt get rid of (or donate) all that thou hatest, and have no respect to waste.

6) Thou shalt not keep more knick-knacks than thou hast room to display. (Ideally, thou shalt have no knick-knacks period, because they only accumulate dust and require special time and care for dusting.)

7) Thou shalt keep no gifts that thou dost not use, but give them away freely.

8) Thou shalt recycle thy boxes immediately.

9) Thou shalt immediately sort thy junk mail and recycle it.

10) Thou shalt immediately file thy important papers.

11) Thou shalt limit thy supply of plastic grocery bags.

12) Thou shalt keep possessions belonging to thy dearly departed relatives ONLY if thou dost use those possessions regularly. (Thou shalt not obligate thyself to finish thy dearly departed relatives’ craft projects.

13) Thou shalt not keep more pictures than thou canst display on walls or in albums. Thou shalt bless others with thy duplicate photos.

14) Thou shalt not keep more bedding or towels than thou canst use for the number of guest thou canst sleep in thy house.

15) Thou shalt speedily rid thyself of baby toys when past the age of childbearing, to bless the lives of new mothers.

16) Thou shalt send the belongings of thy grown children to them; thou shalt not keep them back.

17) Thou shalt rid thyself of kitchen appliances that thou dost not use.

18) Thou shalt throw away all broken possessions that thou hast been putting off repairing.

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