Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to organize your voting materials for election time
  It’s getting close to election time, which means your mailbox will be deluged with election ads and you may get some booklets with candidate statements and proposition arguments.  What do you do with this stuff?

First, I recommend that you toss any ads you get that have significant mudslinging and accusations on them.  We don’t want to encourage that kind of political discourse. 

Next, make a politics/election file and put all campaign ads and election booklets and ballots in it.  Keep it near the front of your filing drawer during election season so it's out of the way but accessible.  Continue to add to it as you get election mail.  A few days before the election, start pulling these materials out and look through them.  Prepare a sample ballot so you'll know who to vote for at the polls.

Finally, when the election is over, you can empty your politics/election file and put it at the back of the drawer until.. the next election season arrives!

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