Friday, January 4, 2013

Grocery shopping tips

My home and auto insurance company, Arizona Farm Bureau, sends us a seasonal newsletter, and the Fall edition had some good tips on grocery shopping that I thought were good enough to pass on. 

Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.  Everything looks good when you’re hungry, but it is easy to forget about what you bought once you eat. 

Plan your dinner menus for the week

Make a shopping list based upon the menu you plan.

Specify the amounts you need on your grocery list.  This will prevent overbuying and you’ll waste less food. 

Shop the edges of the store.  That’s where you’ll find the nutritious basics—produce, dairy, meat, and eggs. 

Refrain from buying items not on your list. 

Use a basket if you’re just buying a few things.  Carrying it all around will discourage you from buying impulse items.

Buy store brands.  They are usually cheaper and the quality is just as good.

Don’t overbuy just because there is a sale. 

Buy fresh foods whenever possible. 

It also doesn’t hurt to do most of your grocery shopping at the cheapest store you can find and then go to the up-scale grocery stores for items you can’t find elsewhere. 

Any other good tips you can think of that you can share?

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