Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to choose a purse

If you want to be organized, choosing the right purse is a very important thing. After all, you take it everywhere. You have things in there that you use the most.

Here's what I have in my purse:

  • money
  • checkbook
  • credit cards
  • drivers license
  • loyalty cards
  • keys
  • sunglasses
  • cell phone
  • Palm pilot
  • pad of paper and pencil
  • mints
  • swiss army knife
  • chapstick
  • nail clippers
  • earplugs
  • asperin

Having an organized purse will save you time when you have to find something in it. The faster you can lay your fingers on what you are looking for, the more time you will save yourself.

Think about it. If you access your purse 5 times a day and it takes you 30 seconds to find something (when it should only take you 2 seconds), that can add up to 15 hours a year spent searching through your purse! It’s the pawing around, picking up the wrong thing, and feeling for the right thing that takes so long. The more objects rattling around together in a compartment, the longer it can take.

How do you choose a purse that will help you stay organized? It all comes down to one word—POCKETS. You want a purse with as many pockets as you can find.

I’ve found that if I have more than three items in a single pocket, it starts to be hard for me to dig things out. So for me it becomes like a mathematical equation. If I have 27 things that I carry around with me, then I know that I need…

27 divided by 3 = 9

…..nine pockets.

Now, do I actually go around and count all the pockets in the purses at the store? No. But you can bet that I don’t get the typical purse that only has three compartments. (Those three-pocket monstrosities are WRETCHED for organization.) No, I simply look for the purse that has oodles and oodles of pockets and compartments and zippers.

Yes, those purses can be a little confusing to use the first three days. All those pockets take some getting used to. But once you’re used to them, you know exactly where EVERYTHING is.

If you absolutely can’t resist a three-compartment beast of a purse, then do yourself a favor and get a purse insert that has plenty of pockets.

What are your criteria for choosing a good purse to keep you organized?


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