Friday, February 17, 2012

Prevent clutter by FINISHING

Never underestimate the power of FINISHING as a means to prevent clutter.

FINISH the task of bringing in the mail by:

  • Sorting out the junk mail and putting it immediately in the trash (or recycling).
  • Paying bills or putting them in a spot just for bills.
  • Filing correspondence

FINISH the meal by:

· Clearing the table

· Doing the dishes

· Putting leftovers in the refrigerator

· Cleaning the kitchen counters

· Cleaning the kitchen sink

· Sweeping/vacuming the floor

FINISH the laundry by:

  • Folding it
  • Handing it up
  • Putting the laundry hamper in its place
  • Putting the laundry baskets in the laundry room
  • Doing any mending

FINISH the project you are working on when you have reached a stopping point by:

  • Putting away the materials/tools
  • Throwing away the waste material generated
  • Putting away the project

FINISH your shopping trip by:

  • Recording your purchase amount in your checkbook register or budgeting software
  • Cutting off tags
  • Filing the receipt (if item is returnable)
  • Putting the purchased goods away where they belong
  • Throwing away (or recycling) shopping bags
  • Putting your purse/wallet where it usually goes
  • If purchases are replacing something, put the old item immediately in a give-away box in the garage

FINISH your pleasure trip or vacation by:

  • Unloading the car
  • Unpacking your suitcase and putting clothes in laundry
  • Putting away travel gear and suitcases
  • Cleaning the car

FINISH a day of school by:

  • Hanging up coat
  • Doing homework
  • Putting books and papers back in backpack
  • Putting backpack away

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